Kauai Beach House Hostel

Kauai Beach House Hostel

As far as hostels are concerned, this was a fantastic environment. The Kauai Beach house hostel  is located about 20min from the airport and is very easy to locate. The biggest appeal is that it is the only hostel that backs on to the ocean, and from their rooftop patio, it has a spectacular view. I stayed in the all female dorm on the second level. There are private rooms available as well as mixed dorms. The mixed dorm next to my room contained mostly single beds and only a couple bunk bed style sleeping. The female dorm was bunk beds, but to my pleasant surprise, they were hand built by the owner and were all the width of a twin bed. They also had privacy curtains, which was a great feature.

The only downfall I found with the all-female dorm was its proximity to the kitchen. It was wall to wall with the kitchen and the noise from people preparing breakfast often woke me up pretty early. After a day or two, I found this to be an effective alarm clock to get my, sometimes lazy ass out of bed to make the best use of the day.

The hostel is non-smoking with the exception of a garage style room at the front of the property where the smokers spent their time. The 10:00pm curfew is strictly enforced on the premises. So if you want to keep the party going, you have to hang out with smokers in the garage or head out into town. I was fine with this, as I was exhausted most days from my hiking and happy to be in bed by 10:00 after a few beers on the rooftop.

Most of the staff at the hostel work for accommodation and in my opinion, did a very good job keeping the facility clean. Like most hostels I’ve stayed in, the washrooms left something to be desired, as its hard to keep up with so many people sharing the same shower facilities.

If you find any bad reviews on the Kauai beach house hostel, they could be due to the fact that they utilized every bit of real estate they could to allow people to stay. My first morning waking up, I discovered that every couch was a pull out and there was someone sleeping in the common areas as well as outside on the back deck. If you want to avoid sleeping in a commonly used area with little privacy, you just have to book ahead.

I met a lot of wonderful people from all over the world while staying at the hostel, and the staff were amazing with their “locals” advice on hikes and thing to see. Spending time in the common areas, also allowed me to find a different hiking companion for each hike. I had a great week staying at the Kauai Beach House Hostel, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique Kauai experience.

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