Please Help………………………………..Where am I? 

Im seeking out the help of all my followers to tell me where this beautiful waterfall is and what it is called.

Unknown Waterfall in Queenstown, Australia

One of the most memorable Waterfalls I have ever visited, was somewhere in Queensland, Australia. If only I could remember where. Or even what it is called. I was escorted there by some friends from work. It was one of my best days in Australia, and yet not realizing how valuable the information would be 7 years later, I neglected to write down the basic information that would help me share such a beautiful place with the future travellers I connect with today.

During our time in Coolum Beach Australia, while working at The Hyatt Regency, I met a couple of wonderful young german guys named Neils and Neils. They had met while working at the resort and became good friends. Coincidentally sharing a name. Paddy and I spent time with these guys on a number of occasions, but one time in particular was very memorable.

They told us that they wanted to see a waterfall that they knew about, but needed a ride. Paddy and I had just purchased “Lucy”, our bright yellow 1983 Volvo, and volunteered to drive. We followed the directions of one of the Neils’, and about 2 hours after leaving Coolum Beach, and after driving an extremely “sketchy” uphill, winding road for the final 15km or so, we arrived.

From that small parking lot, the hike was about 30min (i think) to the top of the falls. It was a beautiful trail that was well marked and maintained.






Upon reaching the clearing, the barricade fence was on our right and to our left was a small pool of water at the base of a beautiful waterfall about 5 meters high. There were 10-15 other people there, jumping into the pool from the top of the small falls or swimming and simply enjoying their time.


After spending some time at the small falls and swimming hole, we decided to see, what we had really come to see.

We followed a trail about 20 minutes down a path that ultimately led us to the bottom of what would be at the time, the biggest waterfall I had ever seen. The spectacular view continued along the path to the bottom of the waterfall, including a perfect view of the Waterfall in its entirety.


I was not an expert photographer at the time, nor am I today, so the images I have don’t do this beautiful waterfall any justice, but hopefully it is enough for someone to recognize it.