This picture courtesy of Seaside Hawaiian Hostel Facebook page

Seaside Hawaiian Hostel, Honolulu

I stayed at the Seaside Hawaiian Hostel in 2013 as a layover on my way to start my New Zealand trip. It was only the second hostel I had ever stayed in and the first time I’d stayed anywhere on my own. The staff were very welcoming, and the friendly environment made by the other guests made the transition very easy for me. My worries of being on my own melted away when a group of people from all over the world that were all drinking together, quickly invited me to join their group.

Seaside is perfectly located on a quiet street within walking distance to all shopping and beaches in Waikiki, but it’s far enough removed from Waikiki that there’s no noise pollution. There are great pubs and food just around the corner.  So whether you have a big night planned or a big morning, you’ll be happy either way. The dorms are all located around a central courtyard in a motel-style layout. The main lobby was paired with the kitchen and a breakfast was offered for anyone interested for, I believe, $5. The kitchen wasn’t large and didn’t look very nice at the time, but they have since re-modeled it, and from what I have seen on their Facebook page, it looks great.

This picture courtesy of Seaside Hawaiian Hostel Facebook page

The majority of the common space on the property was outside with the exception of the rooms and kitchen. It was a beautiful setting to sit in the courtyard and work on future travel plans, using the free wi-fi, or simply to relax in a hammock and read a book.

The rooms were clean and the bathrooms were acceptable for a hostel, although being one of my first hostel experiences, I was a little shocked to find that as many as 8 girls would be sharing a washroom. Little did I know my hosteling future would take me to much messier bathrooms with many more people sharing. Haha.

With its great atmosphere, and amazing proximity to the Town of Waikiki and some of the best beaches Hawaii has to offer, The Seaside Hawaiian Hostel is an absolute gem.