Funky Green Voyager, Rotorua

The best hostel in New Zealand.

Rotorua was one of the most interesting places I visited in all of New Zealand. Everywhere you went was another amazing example of the geothermal activity, and the town was ripe with history because of it. On top of all of that, it was a mountain bikers paradise with trails on the edge of town that went for miles. If you have any intention of visiting Rotorua, I recommend as much as a week to give yourself time to see it all. Try also to find yourself a local to show you around, because some of the best stuff to see is not the easiest stuff to find.

Finally, I was lucky to stay in the coolest backpackers hostel in New Zealand, and you should definitely stay there too!

The Funky Green Voyager is located in the middle of town on Union St. A short walk from the bus station and grocery stores as well as great pubs and restaurants. It is a part of the BBH hostel group which offers loyalty prices to travellers holding a membership card.

The property is beautiful with small cabins surrounding the property for all the sleeping needs, including private rooms and dorm rooms. Between the cabins and the main building is a garden and yard with a barbeque, picnic tables and a gazebos for relaxing or playing cards on a quiet day.

The main building is basically a house converted into a common living space for everyone to use. From the backyard entrance, you’ll find a clean kitchen that can accommodate about 6 people cooking at the same time with multiple stove tops and ample counter space.







Through the kitchen is the living room/dining room. This is a great place to meet new people, as during supper hours you’ll often find the other guests dining and talking about their day and making plans for tomorrow. This is always my favorite part about staying in a hostel. I’ve made so many friends and gotten great advice about seeing new places over dinner in the kitchen and dining areas.

Off the right side of the living room was a beautiful sunroom with a few couches to relax in during the sunny days. I spent one of my chill days and read my book here while drinking tea. The hostel can be very quiet during the day as most guests are exploring to it was extremely peaceful.

By far, the best part about this hostel is the staff. One of the nights that I was staying there, I found myself siting in the living room with a few other guests and the owner exchanging stories about travels and adventures. Gerard, one of the owners, had some of the best stories to tell about the people who have stayed in his hostel. He takes great pride in what he offers to his guests and he appreciates their staying with him on a personal level. I was pleasantly surprised by how kind and generous he was to all of his guests. Evidence of this is all over the walls, as he has displayed letters and picture of previous guests that shared their personal experiences staying at The Funky Green Voyager.

A letter sent from a previous guest.


This hostel was clean and comforting. The owners were warm and welcoming. The dorm rooms were small with a maximum of 6 bed in a room, and the bathroom facilities were always kept very clean. The staff showed a great deal of care in keeping the facilities up to a high standard. I would recommend Rotorua to anyone as a travel destination when considering New Zealand and The Funky Green Voyager is the only place to stay.