Malaga Spain, 28 hours

By the time we got to the hotel it was about 3am in Malaga. However, is was only 9pm in Ontario. The crew was wide awake, and after such a long flight, we were looking for a drink. The hotel bar was obviously closed at this hour, but the desk staff informed us that there were a couple of discos that should still be open. We planned to meet in the lobby after a quick shower in 20 minutes. Our pilot ended up being our fearless leader. Leading the way through the main streets into old town. Searching for a disco and cold beer.

We found a disco in the cellar of an old building playing salsa music. The crew members on this particular excursion were not exactly the dancing type, but I loved it, so I danced with a few locals while the rest looked on. We made our way out of the disco club at around 5am to find our way back to the hotel. We managed to purchase a few beers to take on the walk from a local schwarma shop.

The streets of Old Town in Malaga are very empty at 5am


Back at the hotel, I slept for approximately 5 hours and got up so I wouldn’t waste any of the short time I had to spend in Spain. I decided to venture into the city on my own to go to the market. There are not too many crew members with the same passion for food as I have so I like to see the markets on my own, that way I can take my time and really absorb the environment I am in.

The Mercado Central de Atarazanas in Malaga is huge, but still not the biggest one I have seen in Europe. But it was by far the most beautiful. It has many of the same food stalls you would find in most European cities but many that are very unique to the Spanish country side and culture. The aged, cured pork is everywhere, affordable and delicious. The dried fruit varieties were spectacular. It also has the most vendors of mushrooms I have ever seen. Every species of edible mushroom I could think of was available. I was truly in heaven.

If you find yourself hungry at the market, don’t leave. There are ¬†so many food vendors or even restaurants all around the perimeter of the market building that you could eat for days. Tapas everywhere. Some with patio seating outside the market walls and some with a standing bar where you will find many locals enjoying a tapas plate of garlic clams or paella while sipping a glass of white wine. The Tapas culture is strong in Malaga and I enjoyed as much of it as I could.


After spending a few long hours at the market, I took the long way back to the hotel to explore more of the city along the way.


I crossed the canal toward the area Maramoles, thinking that I might find some interesting shopping or buildings in that direction. However, the area seemed a little sketchy and it can be very hard to tell sometimes if you are heading into a dangerous part of a foreign city. So when I get a feeling, I usually head out of there quick.

So I walked back over the bridge and towards the water. This was the right idea.






Cute shops lined the streets and the buildings were beautiful. I loved seeing the many people on their lunch and afternoon breaks, sitting at Cafe patios either drinking espresso or enjoying a glass of wine. Spanish culture is so chill.

A bit more walking took me into a beautiful shopping promenade. The immaculately clean streets and store fronts told me that I likely couldn’t afford to shop there, but window shopping is free after all.






The boardwalk on the edge of the sea was where I decided I would stop for some patio time. The location was incredible, and it was well represented in the cost of the wine. Haha. But worth it all the same. It was so delicious, ordered a second glass before taking the final walk back to our hotel.