“My inspiration for travelling came from Whistler BC Canada. I left my parent’s home in Aurora, Ontario
when I was 21.


Determined to become a snowboard bum, working in a fancy restaurant and saving all my spare dollars to eventually jump out of a helicopter and ride down an untouched mountain side.

The time frame was 10 months.


I stayed in Whistler for close to 6 years, and never did jump out of that helicopter.”


– Brooke Biggs

While working in the restaurant industry in Whistler, I learned about the world of working holidays.

A vast majority of the economy in seasonal tourist towns like Whistler and Banff is supported by people from all over the globe visiting Canada on working holiday visas. Giving them a year and sometimes two years to visit our country and work to support themselves without the requirement of company sponsorship.

This opportunity is available in as many as 20 countries all over the world. The regulations defining the visas differs from country to country, but the concept is the same. Come, live, work, go home.

I lived with Nathan on Emerald Drive for about a year. He was the sweetest and craziest Australian in town (in my opinion) and he was visiting Canada on a work visa. He had already traveled to ten or more countries before he came to Canada and his adventures sounded nothing short of incredible.

I had been on holidays with family and friends before. Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico and Florida on all-inclusive vacations. But I was looking for something more.

My partner at the time was up for almost anything so it didn’t take long for me to convince im that our lives could be forever changed for the better by spending a year in Australia. We applied for our visas that night and our approval was in our e-mail in boxes within 24 hours.

About 10 months into our year, my best friend in the world was getting married in Cuba and I promised him that I wouldn’t miss it so I flew home. But by this point, I had the bug in me. Knowing now how accessible the world was, I wanted to see so much more. New Zealand was next.

On another working holiday. 6 incredible months on my first solo trip changed my life.

When I joined the military, working holidays were no longer an option so my travel style changed. One to three weeks twice or more a year in a new destination every time. Since then I have spent extended holidays in Hawaii, Japan, and Costa Rica. I have explored my own country of Canada from coast to coast and visited 13 of the 50 united states.

I will never stop travelling and I love to share stories. Hikes and Hostels is my way of telling my stories and hopefully meeting new people from around the world who share my love for this amazing planet we live on.