Before I started my travel job, I spent time travelling as a chef and adventure enthusiast. I have done everything from working holidays, to group tours, to all-inclusive’s and so much in-between.

Despite my job taking me all over the world now, I still spend every spare moment I have, travelling on my own and planning my next trip.

You can find information on hiking, eating, hostels and tours, right here in destinations. The blog posts you read here provide an honest perspective of my experience in every place I have traveled to. Good or bad.

So if you have already decided to travel somewhere or are just looking for some help deciding where to go and what to do when you get there, read on and please comment if you have an experience of your own that you feel the fellow Hikes and Hostels readers could benefit from.


Queenstown hill

The only hike I managed to do while living in Queenstown was called Queenstown hill. The trail head was located not far from my house on Panorama Terrace so it was easy to walk to. The actual hike was short but steep with few opportunities to break along the way. It...