18 hours in Ottawa, Canada. 36 hours in Malaga, Spain. 21 hours in Split, Croatia. 18 hours in Marseille, France.

These are typical stops for someone working in the airline industry as a cabin crew member. We fly to destinations like these for a variety of reasons all around the globe.

But once we are on the ground, our time is ours to use as we please. And when you are only on the ground in a beautiful destination like Kologne, Germany or Grand Canary Islands, for such a brief period of time, you do everything you can.

Since joining an aircrew, I have learned that getting a genuine unique experience in 17 hours or less is absolutely possible. Taking advice from fellow crew members with more flying experience than me has been one of the most valuable tools I could have for making the best of the places we stop.

If you are taking a flight somewhere with an extended layover along the way, or would like to plan an itinerary with short stops in many locations, take a look at the posts below. Hopefully my experiences can help you make the best decisions to have a great short stay.


Split, Croatia in 18 hours

With 18 hours in Split Croatia, head to Diocletian's Palace We landed in Split in the early afternoon. I knew nothing about Croatia. I had never even considered it as a destination worth taking the time to see. I had no idea how beautiful it was gong to be. I would...

Malaga Spain in 28 hours

Malaga Spain, 28 hours By the time we got to the hotel it was about 3am in Malaga. However, is was only 9pm in Ontario. The crew was wide awake, and after such a long flight, we were looking for a drink. The hotel bar was obviously closed at this hour, but the desk...